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5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy this Cold Season

  It’s that time of year: there’s a chill in the air; cookies, cakes and pies in the oven; holiday decorations being sold and parties being planned…and unfortunately, sniffles, sneezing and coughing everywhere. It seems with the change of seasons, we are more likely to have scratchy throats and achy muscles. Well, it doesn’t have […]

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Got the Sugar Blues? 4 Sure-Fire Ways to Ditch The Sugar + Get Happy

  I was barely a teenager when it all started. On top of the regular hormone changes, moodiness, and crankiness that comes with growing into a young woman, I found myself on what seemed to be a one-way path of yo-yo dieting, weight loss/gain roller-coasters, and bouts of emotional eating and bingeing that plagued me […]

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Feeling Off Track? 5 Simple Things You Can Do to Bounce Back and Start Feeling Good Now

  We’ve all been there: feeling a bit down and out; out of control in our food choices; maybe just too exhausted to even think about getting back on track. I get it. In fact, that was me almost every Monday. I would come out of this mind-numbing food and life coma every Monday morning […]

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29 (+1 For Good Luck!) Things I Wish I Knew, on My 29th Birthday

Last wednesday, I turned 29. I’ve never been much for my own big birthday celebrations – maybe because I’m an end of summer baby. You know, right at the end of summer when school hasn’t quite started yet, but no one’s around because they’re off vacationing because school…hasn’t quite started yet! And this year, I […]

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I’m all IIN

A little over 3 years ago I made a decision that changed my life. And not just because my experience was life-changing in and of itself, but because it was the start of much greatness to come. That decision was enrolling at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and becoming a Certified Health Coach. You know how […]

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