You Don’t Have To Be Perfect


You don't have to be perfect

Happy, Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year again.

We welcome new beginnings, fresh starts, new pages, and new chapters of our lives.

But it also comes with so much pressure.

Pressure to be perfect with your resolutions and goals – a practice pushed upon us by society.

What if we could just quiet all that noise and embrace simplicity??

What if taking a step back could really propel you forward???

I’d say: sign me up!

I realized something over the holidays when I wasn’t focused on me and my problems, struggles or successes.

Everything always works itself out.

I took a look around and even a look back on the year. I’m pretty grateful for everything despite not being EXACTLY where I planned to be.

So what’s the point of stressing out about stuff so much?

I don’t know…

So, this year, I didn’t make a long list of crazy goals that just make me feel bad.

This year, I’m going with the flow – with conscious action and ease.

I’m going to give up on being perfect, and start to be ME :)

What’s YOUR 2013 all about?



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