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The Fitn’Free 101™ Ambassador Program with Lindsay Shack

Become a Health and Wellness Ambassador:

A Health + Wellness LifeStyle & Business Mentoring Program

Where Health Meets Wealth + Being Fit and Free Unite

My 2013 Ambassador Program is now open!

I am currently taking a limited number of applicants for Fitn’Free101™: my one-on-one hands-on mentoring program for a select group of health enthusiast, lifestyle oriented, and passionate women who want to be health and wellness ambassadors and build a successful business as a distributor with my product partner – online and off.

You don’t have business experience?

No worries!

Fresh starts are the best.

You have a desire to control your own life and live by your own terms and are 150% passionate about doing it?

Even better!

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Just Imagine:

It’s Sunday night and you’re not dreading the Monday morning grind.

No Morning Commute.

No Rat Race.

You choose your schedule, your work location; how you want to create your business.

Who you want to create it with.

You are in business for yourself but NOT by yourself.

You have an amazing community of support that actually wants you to succeed.

You’re having fun AND you’re helping people.

You’re in control of your promotions, raises, future and you don’t answer to a boss.

You choose if you stay home with your family, kids, or have more time with friends.

You have a life and career you’re proud of.

This is your reality.

“We all have two choices: we can make a living or we can design a life.” – Jim Rohn

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Online Nutrition + Wellness Programs

Lindsay Shack’s Online Nutrition + Wellness Programs are designed to help you bust out of the yo-yo weight loss/gain roller-coaster and set you free from sugar cravings.

You’ll learn how NOT to be controlled by food cravings, how looking at ALL areas of your life can actually heal your relationship with food, and how to do this so that it’s simple, easy and second-nature to you. (Side effects may include releasing unwanted weight!)

Nutrition Programs:

Jumpstart: A 5-Day Cleanse for Sugar and Carb Junkie Queens looking for a Fresh Start. You’ll gain clarity, feel amazing, and set yourself up for great success. Join Now.

Transformation: A 28-Day Program for those looking to explore their relationship with food a bit further, learn a lot about WHY you feel the way you feel and how to change, and how to integrate this new lifestyle with your OWN life (all while shedding 5-10+ pounds! and keeping if off) Join Now.

One-on-One Consultations

Confused, frustrated, scared and helpless.

I’ve been to all these places.

I pushed through and survived – because of support.

We all need it.

You need someone to be accountable to, to hold your hand when you’re hopeless or maybe when you’re on the edge of pushing through some fear.

Whatever it is, I can help.

My coaching and consultations can be completely customized for you.

Perhaps you want some extra advice, tools, and mentorship while going through one of my nutrition programs.

Perhaps you want some help getting grounded and clear on your purpose or path to freedom, health and happiness.

Figuring out life in our generation can be tough – and any change can be challenging!

Reach out and let me know what’s on your mind.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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