5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy this Cold Season


It’s that time of year: there’s a chill in the air; cookies, cakes and pies in the oven; holiday decorations being sold and parties being planned…and unfortunately, sniffles, sneezing and coughing everywhere. It seems with the change of seasons, we are more likely to have scratchy throats and achy muscles.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.


Here are 5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy this Cold Season:

1. Eat your Greens. I know – so simple to say, yet doing so can be so difficult for many. Green vegetables are like natural and affordable medicine. They are THE #1 food you can eat to improve your own health and ward off future sickness. Why? Greens are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber that can fight off and prevent sickness, including cancer.

I challenge you to try a new green veggie! My favorites during this time of year: Kale Chips and Roasted Brussel Sprouts but year-round, I love using spinach in just about everything.

2. Supplement. While Greens are top-notch in fighting off sickness and preventing illness, the amount we would have to eat in total every day to insure we were safe from getting sick is crazy! Imagine eating 3+ bags of spinach daily…Also, crop nutrients are very different these days. Years of agriculture have depleted our soil of the necessary minerals. It’s just not like it used to be.

So, supplement. Choose a pharmaceutical-grade multi-vitamin and build up your immune system. Sickness is never caught. We build it up in our bodies because of our deficiencies and what we do or do not eat.

Note: not all supplements are equal. Do your research and make sure you trust what you’re putting in your body!

3. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar. Oh, how I could count the ways apple cider vinegar helps our bodies! But, that’s for another day, and another blog post. In short: Apple Cider Vinegar is one of THE best natural and affordable remedies easily accessible. It aids in digestion, clearing mucus, improving energy, and helps detoxify the liver.

Tip: Apple Cider Vinegar can be very hard to handle when taken alone. Start off with a tablespoon in a tiny bit of apple juice, and graduate to dissolving it in water. Try it in the mornings with breakfast and you’ll feel a glow all day long!

4. Sleep. I love sleep, and I hate feeling tired. Being tired depletes our immune system so quickly you won’t even know what hit you.

Please, please, please make sure you get your sleep. I’ve never been able to make a sound decision or be any good company to my loved ones when I’m not fully rested. So often we wait till we’re sick to sleep and get better. Take the time NOW to take care of yourself so you are healthy later. I’m a big fan of preventative measures.

5. Drink Your Water. Proper hydration is so crucial to staying healthy and having a strong immune system. When properly hydrated your body is able to flush out toxins and help keep your body in good germ-fighting shape.

Drink at least half your body weight in ounces. Ex. a 150 lb. woman should drink no less than 75 ounces of water a day. I always like to aim for more, especially if you’re sweating on a regular basis. It’s important to replenish what you’ve lost.

Take Action! Out of my 5 tips, which do you think you can immediately start doing?

Leave a comment below to hold yourself accountable and if you have any advice that has helped you stay healthy during the cold season, please do share!




  • Ken Logan DC

    I can get regular chiropractic adjustments, not for neck and back pain….but for peak performance of my body, my muscles and my immune system. Research has proven that adjustments to the spine stimulate the immune system, remove interference to the nervous system that CONTROLS the immune system and balances the endocrine systems that is dramatically linked to the body’s defense system against allergens, virus and bacteria that are air borne.

    I also can EXERCISE to step up my metabolism (linked to my immunities) and sweat out normal and abnormal toxins as a result of normal eating and junk food eating.

    • lindsay

      That is SUCH a good point, Dr. Ken! Chiropractic adjustments are great! I know you are good at the exercise part, too :)