Belief is Everything

Belief is Everything for me.

I need it to get me through the rough patches, the daily grind, and slow but steady results.

The final week of Lorna Jane’s Move, Nourish, Believe Challenge was all about the ‘Believe’ part, and because of that, this week was my favorite yet!

Day 1: Spoil Yourself ~ It was another Manic Monday so I took myself for a walk around my neighborhood.

Day 2: 5 mindful minutes of Meditation. Sitting still and not thinking about anything is very difficult, but very necessary.

Day 3: Be happy ~ This is my happy place. Snuggles with my pup:


Day 4: Thankful Thursday ~ sometimes if I just take a moment to think of all I’m grateful for, I feel refreshed.

Day 5: Share the love: my #1 supporter is my husband, best friend – my #1 cheerleader.

This challenge has been so fun and so inspiring. Thank you, Lorna Jane!