29 (+1 For Good Luck!) Things I Wish I Knew, on My 29th Birthday

Last wednesday, I turned 29. I’ve never been much for my own big birthday celebrations – maybe because I’m an end of summer baby. You know, right at the end of summer when school hasn’t quite started yet, but no one’s around because they’re off vacationing because school…hasn’t quite started yet!

And this year, I couldn’t quite believe that I was turning 29.years.old!! I certainly don’t feel that I look it. But, I’m not afraid of it – I’m actually really looking forward to my 30s and all that it will bring; it’s exciting. Oh, and not to mention – in this last year of my 20s, I got a pretty good start to that excitement: I got engaged :)

So, now, I look back and can’t help but smile for all the experiences – good and bad – that I’ve had throughout my 20s. A little over 3 years ago, I was in a completely different place – a dark place, for that matter!

So, on this 29th birthday, as much as maybe you’ve seen it been blogged before, I felt compelled to do a little birthday post to ring in the BEST year of my twenties, guaranteed!

29 (+1 For Good Luck!) Things I Wish I Knew:

1) Everything will work out. Patience is Key.

2) *Thinking* about doing something causes MORE stress and heartache than actually *DOING* the thing. (MUST remind myself of this daily)

3) Comparing yourself to others will only hold you back. Set your pace and tune out all the other noise. This is YOUR journey, and you’re the only one who has to live it.

4) Trying to please everyone around you is exhausting, and impossible.

5) Putting yourself first sometimes isn’t selfish, it’s smart. And necessary.

6) Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. Repeat.

7) Your adult life will probably look much different than how you dreamt it up to be when you were 15. It’s okay. It’s not bad, it’s just different. (See #1).

8) Dieting is a trap.

9) Getting out of that trap requires patience.

10) Slow and Steady really DOES win the race.

11) Losing weight will not solve all your problems.

12) Happiness really is an inside job.

13) Don’t take things so personally. You never know what that person might be dealing with.

14) Try and fail. Learn and Grow. Don’t be afraid to fall.

15) Start out slow in your wellness journey. Small, Simple Steps Add up Big over time. See #10!!

16) Save yourself a lot of time and follow your heart. It might not be what your family has in mind for you, but the reality is: YOU are the one living your life.

17) Just because you might not be or have been a star in school, doesn’t mean you don’t sparkle. Everyone has different gifts.

18) Embrace your uniqueness.

19) Those who judge you or are jealous of you are really just unhappy with themselves.

20) Give more. Expect Less.

21) Pay it forward. Karma. It’s Real!!

22) The number it says on the scale does NOT define you!!

23) Confidence trumps all.

24) Life can be simple, or life can be complicated. It’s YOUR decision.

25) Dreaming is great and all, but ACTION is where it’s at!

26) Listening is everything.

27) Practice actually DOES make perfect.

28) Always have an open mind. Remember this always: something or someone is not always bad, just DIFFERENT.

29) Wellness is a journey…not a 90-day challenge, not a quick-fix, fad diet, or even a regimented plan. It’s a lifestyle; a marriage, if you will. There will be ups and downs, good times and bad, tears and laughter, hard work, and moments of joy. Most of all: IT will be worth it.

Last, but not least, for Good Luck:

30) Most of all, I wish I knew that had I not had all these experiences, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I used to want to trade em’ all in for something easier…something well-planned out. I wish I knew then to be grateful for every lesson that came across my path. At least now, I do.

“Every single thing you are living right now, no matter how difficult, is here to help you become the most empowered person you can possibly imagine!” ~ Mandy Ingber



  • Jennifer

    Beautiful list….happy belated birthday to you, Lindsay! #18!! Embrace it…I spent so much of my younger years trying to cover my “flaws”. Now I try to see them as part of what makes me special and quirky. xo

    • Jennifer Peacock

      Probably lots of Jennifers out there….I am the Peacock one! :)

    • lindsay

      Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much! That is so me as well – I always tried to run away from and cover my “flaws,” too…isn’t it nice being in a different place now?! I heard someone once say: “Your uniqueness is your power” – I have to agree!

  • Kelsy

    This is a *great* list, Lindsay! I especially love #2 and #13. So true. I am hoping #21 is true…I have yet to see it in any significant way in my life or the lives around me…but haven’t lost hope. And amazing that you reached the enlightenment of #30 before age 30! You’re ahead of the curve! :)

    • lindsay

      Kelsy!! Hi, thank you so much! #2 has been really hard to realize, but makes life so much simpler. So happy to see you here – and don’t lose hope about Karma! In some way, shape, or form, I truly believe it will show up!

  • http://what-does-my-name-mean.org/name/leonita/ Leonita

    hey what is your fb page

    • lindsay

      Hey Leonita! My fb page is: facebook.com/lindsayshackfanpage